November 2006

How Much Will YOU Spend on Gifts?

by Justin Weinger on November 26, 2006

ShareTweet The other day I was reading an interesting article by Suze Orman which states that 20% of America’s annual retail spending occurs between Thanksgiving and Christmas.  That’s pretty amazing that most of us will do a fifth of our retail spending in a little over a month. According to the National Retail Federation (NRF), […]


Alcohol is the Most Expensive Vice

by Justin Weinger on November 19, 2006

ShareTweet According to a recent poll on Saving Without A Budget, most people consider alcohol to be their most expensive vice. Of the 53 people who voluntarily responded to the poll, 25% (13 respondents) said alcohol was the vice they spent the most amount of money on, while impulse buying came in second place with […]