September 2006

Cut Your Own Hair

by Justin Weinger on September 28, 2006

ShareTweet I know this is definitely a bit out there, but it’s a “stupid college money saving trick” that’s sort of carried over in to my post college life. First, let me preface by saying that I cut my hair pretty short, and have done so most of my life.  It’s not like cutting my […]


Avoid Dry Clean Only Clothes

by Justin Weinger on September 27, 2006

ShareTweet Dry clean only clothes are a double edged sword: you tend to pay more up front when you purchase the clothes and then you have to pay a lot of money over the life of the item in order to keep it clean. For example, this past Christmas I received a very nice pair […]


What to do with the Money You Save: Part 2: Savings Account

by Justin Weinger on September 26, 2006

ShareTweet In the grand scheme of things, putting your money in a savings account is probably the easiest and most common way people get their money to “work” for them. Unfortunately, more than likely, you’re money won’t be working too hard for you. First off, what do I mean by having your money work for […]


Buy Used – Part 4: Cars

by Justin Weinger on September 25, 2006

ShareTweet Shopping for a car can be a pain.  You have to decide what manufacturer to buy from, what style of car, what color, which options, etc.  However, one of the choices you have to make, whether to buy new or used, should be pretty simple: Buy used cars. Oops, I’m sorry; cars aren’t considered […]