CFDs: Their “Why” and “How”

by Justin Weinger on March 8, 2016

A CFD or Contract for Difference refers to a tradable entity which reflects the movements of the asset underlying it. The trader goes on to make losses or profits in accordance with the movement of the underlying asset in relation to the position taken. Notably, the underlying asset is never owned. It is an actually an agreement between the trader and the broker whereby they agree to pay each other the difference between the price of the asset (like EUR/USD, Gold etc) during the time the contract is made and the price when you actually decide to terminate the contract.

Contracts for Difference: A popular trading option

Now, over the past few years, CFDs have become an immensely popular way in which online traders trade commodities, stocks, indices as well as currencies. Sadly enough, there are still a few people who are apprehensive of trading with the help of CFDs since they are unable to understand the very concept of this form of trading. Once you are able to understand what it is all about, you will be in a better position to gauge whether or not you should, at all trade with CFDs. Here is a glimpse of how they work.

Contract for Difference: How it works

Though it sounds pretty mysterious to start off with, CFDs actually work like other stocks. A simple example will help you understand. Today, if you have invested $100 dollars in a particular stock and if the price of the stock rises by 20% to touch $120, then your contract would go up by 20% as well. If you decide to close the stock at that point of time then you would end up making a profit of 20%. And, if you decide to close the trade while the price has fallen by 20% then you will end up incurring losses worth 20%.

One of the most notable advantages of trading with CFDs is that you can actually access higher leverage than what you would have been able to do in case of traditional trading. The standard leverage in the CFD market begins from as low as 2% margin requirement. The margin requirement may go up (even up to 20%) in accordance with the underlying asset. Lower margin requirement means minimum capital outlay for trader and higher potential returns. In fact, it will not really be an exaggeration to say that lower margin requirement is one of the reasons why traders prefer investing in CFDs.

However, do remember that more prudent traders will warn you against relying totally on the buy and hold strategy. Make sure you have proper stop loss and risk management strategies in place so that you can actually go on to reap long term benefits.

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Challenge a Will: Save Your Inherited Asset

by Justin Weinger on February 24, 2016

Inheritance is a big part and also an identifier of what’s your standing in the family. As long as you are a legal descendant of the testator, or writer of the will, bound by blood or by law, you can claim what is rightfully yours. Due to the fraudulent act or influence of some greedy individual around you – who sees this as opportunity to take away an asset, or therefore challenging the testament, you need to make sure that you know how to handle such scenarios. Remember that there’s nothing worse than losing someone important in your life and at the same time losing the chance to experience what is legally entitled to you.

An inheritance is an investment provided by a loved one, but there are instances when a will and testament are improperly written or falsely drafted. If you find yourself at the losing end and you think you deserve the property more than anyone else then be prepared to be in court. To challenge a will is difficult, but the fact that owning a house gives loads of benefits, which will definitely help you in the future, you need to work hard to protect this asset. Some of the benefits of owning a house are:

  • Appreciation of Value
  • Shield Against Inflation
  • Property Tax Deductions
  • Capital Gain Exclusion

Here are the steps you need to do to ensure a house that is supposed to be your inheritance will be transferred legally:


If you have read what is in the will, seek some legal adviser to help you in interpreting it; always trust your guts when identifying if there are any suspicious elements in the will. For the after action, understand first the content and investigate what caused the problem. You should be able to confidently point out your grounds for challenging the will. Those who succeed in challenging a will do so with the help of a great lawyer. Seek help from a trusted lawyer who fully understand your situation and can further explain what actions shall be done.


There are two kinds of law that can help you claim your inheritance if you ever feel like there was a bias when the will was made. The first encompasses the promises of the deceased person to an individual even when they are not literally related by blood. Under this law, a person given such right need not to be personally written by the will, as long as he can prove that he was assigned to a specific property in front of the court, then he will be free to claim his right on said property.

The next one deals with the protection of family members and their inheritance of the deceased person’s assets. Subject to this provision is filing an appeal to the court, claiming you haven’t received any portion of the inheritance.


Generally, there is a given duration for you to file an appeal to the court in accordance with the law. As stated by the law, there are 3 types of complaints: Inheritance act claim for maintenance, beneficiary making a claim against an estate, and fraud or forgery.

In the first type you are given 6 months after the grant of probation, while the claim against an estate has a 12-year window after the death of the will maker. And lastly, there is no time limitation given when it comes to fraud.

Do not forget to comply with these guidelines in order to increase the chance of the court ruling in your favour. A house, after all is a good investment for you and your family’s future.



Investing in Foreign Currency Through Forex Trading

by Justin Weinger on February 17, 2016

If you are a smart investor looking for new avenues for getting good returns on your investment, then investing in foreign currency is a great way to get good returns. Basically what is Forex trading? Well, it is as simple as buying and selling of foreign currencies in order to achieve profits from the fluctuations of the currency prices. It is as simple as it looks but it needs proper planning, skills, strategies and patience to become a good Forex trader.

Benefits of investing in foreign currency

Forex trading provides a number of benefits and therefore it is a good way of investing in foreign currency. Here are the top benefits received through trading currencies-

Take advantage of the highest liquidity market- Forex market is the biggest financial market in the world and due to a huge number of traders trading in Forex market, it is possible to enter and exit a trade at anytime. There is always someone present to take the opposite position for you when you make a trade order.

Availability of online Forex trading- Investing in foreign currency has never been so convenient. With online Forex trading you can take the benefit of trading currencies through your laptop or mobile phone with the convenience of the timings you decide. The online Forex trading platform provided by an online Forex broker allows you to trade online with your computer or Smartphone. There is no restriction that you stay at a place or be stationary. All you need is a computer device, internet connection and a trading account which you can use from anywhere. This flexibility offered helps the investors to trade freely and with a great convenience.

24 hour open market- Forex market is open 24 hours a day except the weekends which makes it convenient for the part time traders to trade when they want. They can trade in the night or day and trade with the convenience of their homes.

Trading with margins- Most of the Forex brokers today offer trading on margins which means that you deposit only a small fraction of the total value of the trade order and enjoy multiplied gains from a relatively smaller deposit known as margin. Many brokers allow you to trade with just 1 percent of the total money as the minimum deposit required with them.


Investing in foreign currency through online Forex trading has a number of benefits but there are some limitations too. In the time of high volatility in the markets, the risk to losses becomes high and therefore risk management has to be done.

Since online Forex trading needs an online platform to trade some novice traders may be stuck in the technology and can perform some mistakes in the beginning.



Find out about ways to save on fixed home loans

by Justin Weinger on November 21, 2015

Home, generally, accounts for the most expensive purchase for most of the borrowers out there. It remains one of the biggest investments made by us in our lifetime—at least in case of most of the borrowers. In order to ensure long term financial health, it is very important for you to invest proper time in finding the best mortgage offers so that you can pay off the loan.. One of your major responsibilities as a borrower would be to determine whether you should settle for fixed rates or variable rates.

Fixed rates or adjustable rates?

At first, it is important to understand the basics of these major types of loans before determining which one you should choose. The fixed rate does not change in the course of the loan term. Irrespective of whether you are securing the mortgage for 5 or for 30 years, the interest rate attached to the loan does not change throughout the loan tenure. On the other hand, the variable or adjustable rates fluctuate in accordance with the market rates. If you settle for variable loans, you will have to pay rates that have altered in correspondence to the hike or reduction in the market rates. If the market rate increases you will have to pay increased rate and if it decreases the rate of interest on your loan will also plummet. Both the options are equally popular in the market- since the number of borrowers settling for fixed rates (as they are apprehensive of the economic volatility) is no less than the ones opting for variable home loans since they are all game for making the most of the (possible) future reduction in rates. Discussed below are a few ways in which you can save on fixed home loans.

Consider shortening the loan tenure

If you reduce your 15-year mortgage to a 10-year one then you will end up saving thousands of dollars. Reducing loan tenure implies that you are paying of loans faster and are getting the rates on your loan reduced as well.

Pay off lump sum

If you have been fortunate enough to receive a lump sum from any source or have been able to save up a substantial amount of money then you can use it to pay off the outstanding balance. By doing this you will also get to reduce the overall interest costs on your loans.

Make sure you are considering the loan options offered by several lenders at the same time.

Yes, it is very important to shop around considerably for the rates of interest charged by different companies at the same time. There might as well be subtle differences between the rates charged by different home loan companies. For instance, the fixed rate interest home loans found at NPBS are different from the ones spelt out by other companies. Kindly ensure that you are not zeroing in on a name randomly but only after comparing the rates of interest thoroughly.

The global economy is faced with unprecedented challenges today. Economic volatility is the order of the day. Fixed home loans have rendered a sense of security to borrowers in such a scenario. You can only expect to make the most of these loans by learning how to save on these loans.